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Cyber security is difficult to understand, where do I start?2022-07-15T10:39:53+01:00

Cyber security solutions are not a one size fits all. Businesses need a layered approach to defence, monitoring and remediation.

Cyber security doesn’t have to be as difficult to manage and understand as most organisations think; we will guide you through best practices and solutions that will leave you better equipped to deal with the threats to your organisation.

What types of business are most at risk of a cyber-attack?2022-07-15T10:40:28+01:00

We unfortunately live in a time where all businesses, regardless of size or industry sector are at risk, whether directly or indirectly.

Whilst larger organisations are more likely to have technology, expertise, and processes in place to protect themselves against cyber-attacks, this isn’t always the case. Smaller businesses are less likely to have the necessary resources and so may find themselves at greater risk of attack from hackers.

I do not need to worry about security, all my employees are remote workers.2022-07-15T10:41:49+01:00

Without the proper protections in place, this can increase the risk of attack as it opens up a number of factors and vulnerabilities.  Employees may be working on unsecured networks or in locations such as coffee shops.

I’m a small business why would cyber criminals attack me?2022-07-15T10:42:24+01:00

Every business it at risk of a cyber-attack. Cyber criminals will regularly send out completely random attacks such as a phishing email for example, all it takes is one click and your business may be at risk from compromise.

What if we need some guidance?2023-06-05T13:20:42+01:00

Shift Key Cyber are an Assured Service Provider for NCSC. The Cyber Advisors (Cyber Essentials) scheme is specifically aimed to help UK small and medium organisations by offering reliable and cost-effective cyber security advice, and where required, practical hands-on support to help guide businesses through the Cyber Essentials process and certification.

How much does Cyber Essentials cost?2024-04-02T08:51:07+01:00

Cyber Essentials follows a tiered pricing structure depending on the size of your business. It is a verified self-assessment process which follows the pricing structure shown in the table below.

Business Size Cost

Micro organisations (0-9 Employees)

£320 + VAT

Small organisations (10-49 Employees)

£440 + VAT

Medium Organisations (50-249 Employees)

£500 + VAT
Large Organisations (250+ Employees) £600 + VAT
How much does Cyber Essentials Plus cost?2022-07-15T10:45:54+01:00

This depends on the size and complexity of your network, please contact us for advice and further information.

Did you know?

of UK businesses have identified cyber attacks
of attacks against UK businesses are phishing attacks
of UK businesses have acted to identify cyber security risks
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